What is Brain Mapping Therapy and How Does It Work?

Brain mapping therapy proves that current science is as advanced in psychotherapy as it is in physical therapy. It began in the 1920s when German psychologist Hans Berger invented the EEG, a device that measures electrical brain waves. Then, based on this method, in the 1950s and 1960s, Dr. Joseph Kamiya and Dr. Barry Starman analyzed it and discovered techniques to change brain activity. And gradually in the present day their discoveries are being used in the diagnosis and treatment of human mental diseases.

Brain Mapping Therapy

What is Brain Mapping therapy and what is its purpose?

Brain mapping therapy is a method of measuring electrical waves in the brain to diagnose abnormal brain behavior and prescribe appropriate exercises to treat it. It is also called QEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) Brain Mapping Therapy. This therapy addresses various emotional problems including fear, anxiety, stress or poor concentration. 

Brain Mapping

Brain mapping therapy is mainly used to achieve specific goals. Goals can be to improve your memory, improve focus or achieve peak performance. It is also very effective in getting rid of drug addiction. 

Benefits of Brain Mapping Therapy

Brain mapping therapy has become very popular in the field of psychological treatment. In this treatment, the brain is thoroughly analyzed and hidden or obscure symptoms can be picked up.

Let’s find out some amazing benefits of brain mapping therapy.

Creating clear maps of the brain: Brain mapping therapy treatment first involves a thorough scan of the entire brain and data is collected from each part of the brain separately. And this information is essential for physical therapy and psychiatric treatment. 

The exact problem can be diagnosed: Through a brain map, it is precisely diagnosed in which part of the brain the complications have developed. Moreover, what kind of problems you are suffering from can be known through brain scan. Both physical and mental problems of the patient can be diagnosed through brain mapping. 

brain scan

Psychological treatment: Brain mapping therapy is used to diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders. Many types of mental problems such as fear, anxiety, memory impairment, lack of attention etc. are solved through this therapy. Even epilepsy can be treated with brain mapping.  

Brain Mapping Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Brain mapping therapy can help relieve depression and anxiety in people. And it has become quite popular over the last few decades due to its effectiveness. Let’s find out how brain mapping therapy can affect people’s anxiety and depression.

Anxiety generally acts as a state of moderate fear or nervousness in the human mind, and depression arises from failure to obtain highly desired objects or repeated distressing events. 

Anxiety and Depression

Numerous studies have shown that when people’s left frontal lobes are more active than their right frontal lobes, people are in a more positive mood. But those with a more active right frontal lobe than the left frontal lobe are often found in negative moods.

Brain mapping therapy first identifies which parts of the brain are causing anxiety and depression. Then appropriate exercises are practiced to improve those parts of the brain. These exercises are practiced for 30 days or more. 

How Does Brain Mapping Work?

Brain mapping is the collection of brain data based on brain characteristics using neuroscience techniques. This creates an almost accurate map of the brain. To map  the patient’s brain, he is fitted with a cap to which many wires are attached, and brain data is displayed via wires from the cap to a software. 

Brain mapping can only show the transient state of the brain, i.e. it cannot determine the state of the brain over a long period of time or the state of the brain in the future. But any brain defect or any defect in brain activity can definitely be detected by brain mapping.

Why is QEEG Brain Mapping Important

Although brain mapping is somewhat expensive, it is still very important. Because it can reveal almost all kinds of problems in your brain. Brain mapping helps doctors identify your symptoms and diseases if you are suffering from problems where you have not been diagnosed. 

Brain Mapping

Brain mapping can benefit almost anyone, be it a doctor, teacher or just anyone. Many lag behind due to moodiness, lack of concentration or mental weakness. With the help of brain mapping they can do the right exercises for their problems and live a healthy and beautiful life and move ahead in life. 

What Is the History of Brain Mapping?

Humans have been studying the brain and brain activity since ancient times. In the 1860s, when German Dr. Eduard Hitzig was working in a military hospital, he treated many patients who had lost parts of their skulls in battle. He then discovered that mild and very weak electrical shocks to the back of the brain could cause eye movements in humans.

About a decade later, around 1870, Dr. Hitzig teamed up with Dr. Fritsch to further research the brain. They studied the brain of a living dog and discovered that specific parts of the brain control the movement of specific parts of the body.  

History of Brain Mapping

Then in the 1940s, Wilder Penfield took brain research even further. When he was treating epileptic patients, he examined their brains and tried to figure out where the problems were coming from.

For this he applied electric shocks to the brains of the patients and since the patients were conscious they could feel the electrical effects on the brain.

In this the patient hears a song stored in his brain in such a way that it seems that the song is playing in the room. In this way he was able to map the motor cortex region of the brain and this took the field of brain mapping a step further.

When German psychiatrist Hans Berger invented the EEG in 1929, it was a historic revolution in brain mapping. His invention was able to completely map a brain. Then the International Consortium for Brain Mapping (ICBM) was established in 1980. The aim was to advance brain mapping research by applying different methods. 


Current science has come a long way in the treatment of mental illness. The proof of which is brain mapping therapy. In this method, therapists first create a detailed map of the patient’s brain and through that map identify areas of abnormal brain activity and use appropriate therapy to improve those areas. Almost all mental disorders including epilepsy, inattention, memory impairment are treated with brain mapping therapy and do not involve the use of any drugs.


What can brain mapping detect?

Brain mapping essentially identifies dysfunctional areas of the brain. Moreover, brain mapping is also used to detect anxiety or depression.

Is Brain Mapping Safe?

Although there are almost no problems with brain mapping some problems remain such as light-headedness or muscle tension. 

How long does brain mapping take?

Brain mapping can take 30 to 90 minutes. 

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