The best guide to lung cancer self-care

lung cancer self-care

Lung cancer is a deadly disease and is considered the leading cause of death in the world today. Genetic damage to DNA in the airways causes lung cells to form a type of tumor known as a malignant tumor, which is the leading cause of lung cancer.

Lung cancer self-care is about making you feel like you’re not just a physical body, you’re a being. Therefore, self-care for patients with lung cancer is very important to improve the quality of daily life. Because the daily life of lung cancer patients is uncomfortable and painful compared to normal people.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer

We know that cancer is a type of disease in which cells in any part of the body grow abnormally. And when a lung or airway cell grows abnormally like this, it is called lung cancer. Lung cancer is generally divided into two types. (1) small cell lung cancer (2) non-small cell lung cancer.

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. In addition, lung cancer is also caused by second-hand smoking, breathing in chemical-laden air, a family history of lung cancer or sometimes environmental pollution.

causes of lung cancer

Lung cancer is easier to get rid of if it is caught at an early stage. In that case the chance of getting rid of this disease becomes 80% to 90%. However, in the early stages of lung cancer, its symptoms are very vague, due to which many people do not detect it in the early stages and seek medical help.

Risk factors for lung cancer

There are many factors that can cause a person to develop lung cancer or cause cancer to grow in a person with lung cancer.

Smoking: About 80% of lung cancers in America are caused by smoking and how advanced a person’s lung cancer is depends on how long they smoke and how much they smoke.

causes of lung cancer

Tobacco contains more than 7,000 toxic chemicals and this toxic chemical is enough to slowly destroy your lungs. 

Second hand smoking: Sometimes breathing in other people’s smoke can cause lung cancer. That means being with a smoker increases your risk of lung cancer.

Family history of lung cancer: People who have lung cancer are more likely to pass it on to the next generation, such as their children.  Especially when cancer is diagnosed at a young age, it is often thought to be due to family genetic analysis.

Air pollution: Air pollution causes toxic substances in the air which also cause lung cancer Black smoke from vehicles and industrial toxins mix into the air to poison the air, and breathing in that air can cause lung cancer. 

Asthma: At times, asthma patients have an increased risk of developing lung cancer. Studies have shown that people with asthma have a 40 to 44 percent chance of developing lung cancer.

The importance of lung cancer self-care

Being diagnosed with cancer makes people’s lives miserable.  In that case, lung cancer self-care can improve people’s quality of life and relieve many body pains caused by cancer. Here are the benefits of lung cancer self-care. 

lung cancer self-care
  1. Keeps tissues active: It is important to keep the tissues around the lungs active so that the lung cancer does not spread to other surrounding tissues. This is why you must take care to keep your body organs and tissues active.
  2. To keep the body warm: Lungs never like cold.  A hot or dry environment is good for the lungs. And lung cancer self-care is done to keep your body warm. 
  3. For a good sleep: For lung cancer self-care, you need to pay attention to good sleep because in this condition, without proper rest, the body can become weaker. 
  4. It reminds you that you are a being: When afflicted with an illness, people forget all the happiness around them and become engrossed in their own thoughts, which further weakens the human body. Lung Cancer Self-Care makes you feel that you are not just a human body but also a being with other happiness. 

Tips for lung cancer self-care

Self-care reminds us that we are more than a physical body. Lung cancer self-care is a strategy to improve the quality of life of people with lung cancer. Practicing the following exercises in your daily life will help improve your quality of life if you are diagnosed with lung cancer.


Breathing exercises for lung cancer can be done in two ways, one while sitting and the other while lying down. 

While sitting, first close your eyes and inhale through your nose for 3 seconds and exhale through your mouth for 6 seconds.It will completely relax your body and mind.

And to do this practice lying down, first breathe through the nose for two seconds.  At this time, place one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your chest. Inhale so the belly reaches and expands, then exhale through the mouth for four seconds. Practice these exercises for 5 minutes three to four times a day.  And it will definitely work for you. 

Physical movements for lung cancer self-care

lung cancer self-care

Just as physical movement or physical exercise keeps the body healthy, it also keeps the lungs healthy. Exercising according to your body type and as your body can tolerate is important to prevent or reduce the severity of lung cancer. For this you can do exercises like swimming or walking or cycling or other gentle physical movements.


lung cancer self-care

The human body always prefers warmth and this preference is the same for the lungs. So keep yourself warm all the time to avoid the severity of lung cancer. Take care that your hands or arms or neck and most importantly the chest do not get cold.  Always wear warm clothing if necessary and avoid cold or damp environments.

Quality of sleep

Lung cancer self-care requires you to pay attention to your sleep. Be careful not to disturb your sleep due to physical pain, stress or anxiety, difficulty breathing or side effects of cancer treatment. Meditate or take sleeping pills as prescribed by your doctor to get enough sleep.

Eucalyptus oil

According to lung experts, eucalyptus oil is good for lungs. 

  • Take this oil in a tissue and hold it right in front of the nose and inhale forcefully so that the oil reaches the lungs.
  • Use an oil diffuser with this oil at home. 

Lung cancer prevention

There are certain health cares you must follow for Lung cancer prevention

  • First of all you need to stay away from smoking. 
  • Be careful not to breathe your partner’s smoke into your lungs.
  • Avoid places where toxic chemicals are mixed in the air.
  • Do regular breathing exercises to increase lung strength.
  • Keep the body and lungs active through various exercises.
  • Eat lung-healthy foods like pumpkin, ginger, tomatoes, blueberries, green tea, yogurt, coffee, pulses, etc.
  • You can take zinc on empty stomach to prevent various types f lung diseases. (National library of medicine)


Use the above mentioned tips for lung cancer self-care, it is definitely effective as they are proven by experts. Avoid smokers and if you are a smoker, quit as soon as possible.


Can your body heal lung cancer?

If lung cancer is caught before it spreads or progresses and given appropriate treatment, it is highly curable. Moreover, when the immune system senses the presence of cancer cells in the body, it mounts a strong defense system and tries to fight it. 

How do you sleep with lung cancer?

Many times, lung cancer patients suffer from breathing problems during sleep. It is best if you can sleep on one side with your head elevated and if you have shortness of breath, sit up and wait until it subsides. Moreover, many people have to take medicine as per doctor’s advice for sleep during cancer.

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