Signs of a Bad Physical Therapist: A Patient’s Guide

Signs of a Bad Physical Therapist

You may need a physical therapist to help you with long-term physical pain or long-term disease and its symptoms. He will work through various postures and exercises to relieve your chronic pain or chronic illness and restore normality and physical well-being to your daily life.

Choosing a good physical therapist is essential to regaining your physical health. Because if you ignorantly or mistakenly choose an unqualified physical therapist, you will not get the best benefits of the treatment and your physical condition may deteriorate.

So to choose a good physical therapist you must pick the signs of a bad physical therapist. Keep reading to learn what the signs of a bad physical therapist might be.

Is a physical therapist a doctor?

Is a physical therapist a doctor? Although many have differing opinions on this question, all believe that physical therapists are doctors in their own medical field. Although they cannot diagnose disease and are not trained to restore physical health through surgery, a trained physical therapist is able to prevent the progression of a person’s disease and restore physical health through various postures and exercises

Like all other doctors, physical therapists must earn a specific degree known as a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree. And it is important to have a license to provide physical therapy professionally in any part of the United States. 

Signs of a bad physical therapist

If the physical therapist you choose is not qualified or experienced enough to restore your physical health, you may not be successful in restoring your physical health. This is why you need to recognize the signs of a bad physical therapist in order to choose the right physical therapist for you or your family’s health.

Top 6 Signs of a bad physical therapist

Signs of a bad physical therapist

A bad physical therapist doesn’t listen to you

One of the common signs of a bad physical therapist is that he doesn’t listen to you carefully, and even if he does, he doesn’t take it into account.

He doesn’t ask you the right questions to understand your physical weakness and he doesn’t give you the right answers when you ask anything about restoring physical health. This could be because he is not fully versed in the subject or wants to take advantage of your ignorance to sell you more services.

The therapist does not spend much time with you

 Another signs of a bad physical therapist is that they end your therapy sessions in a hurry. A good physical therapist completes each level consistently with enough time in each session to restore your physical health. 

Ineffective treatment methods

Practicing the same exercises over and over again can hinder your physical health progress. However, while some exercises can be repeated, variation is essential. 

Repeating the same exercise over and over can also cause injury to certain parts of the body. Therefore, it is the job of a good physical therapist to tailor the treatment plan according to your health needs and gradually guide you through the necessary exercises.

Poor Stress Management 

A physical therapist must be mentally strong. He should have the ability to withstand the pressure of work and control himself in any situation. If your therapist gets overly excited while treating you or becomes frustrated with your progress and gives up easily, it’s likely that he has poor stress management skills and it is one of the most important signs of a bad physical therapist.

You feel much worse after physical therapy 

After a physical therapy session, the body may feel some pain due to various postures or exercises, but this is temporary and will heal within one to two days. However, if the post-session pain is deep and long-lasting, it should be understood that it is due to incorrect exercises applied by your therapist. So discuss it with your therapist in that case and change the therapist if it happens repeatedly.

What Makes a Good Physical Therapist?

A good physical therapist is a must if you are suffering from physical pain or seeking relief from the symptoms of a long-term disease. That’s why in addition to understanding the signs of a bad physical therapist, you also need to understand what makes a good physical therapist.

A good and skilled therapist must possess certain qualities that make him adept at his work. Below are some characteristics of a good therapist to ensure that your physical therapist is good enough to relieve your physical pain.

  1. A skilled physical therapist will carefully identify your weaknesses and create an appropriate treatment plan accordingly.
  2. A physical therapist must have excellent communication skills. He should have the ability to explain complex diseases to his patients with simple explanations.
  3. A good physical therapist must have thorough knowledge of all possible treatments to cure his patient’s ailments. Moreover, a good physical therapist must be a good planner by which he develops different levels of treatment and gradually applies them to the patient.
  4. Physical therapy gradually treats the disease. Therefore, the physical therapist must be patient and have the mindset to adapt to the patient and continue the treatment.
  5. A physical therapist works with complete integrity. He takes a very realistic approach considering the condition of his patient and does not make any promises beyond his competence.
Quality of a good physical therapist

Can a physical therapist prescribe medication?

If you are interested in receiving physical therapy, you may have the question, like many, can a physical therapist prescribe medication? Many have answered this question in many ways.

Permits for physical therapists to administer medication vary by region. Some regions allow physical therapists to administer medication while others do not. Moreover, it is very easy for physical therapists who have completed pharmacology courses to administer drugs. Pharmacology is a course that is taught to analyze the effects of various drugs on the body.

However, the physical therapist’s primary goal should be to improve the patient’s overall health through various physical therapy treatment programs and discuss medication information with the patient’s doctor. He must also ensure that physical therapy improves the immune system of his patients.


If your physical therapist has any of the above signs of a bad physical therapist, it may be time to change your therapist. Also by reading the above article you will be able to identify the qualities of a good physical therapist. Which will help you choose a good physical therapist to improve your physical fitness or recover from physical pain you are suffering from.


Should I trust my physical therapist?

If your physical therapist has a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree and is licensed in the area in which he provides physical therapy treatment, you can trust him. And then depending on his treatment style and effectiveness, you can hire him as a permanent treatment or fire him and get a new therapist.

How long can physical therapy last?

Physical therapy sessions are usually scheduled two to three times a week and each session lasts from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. And it is better to continue this therapy regularly until recovery.  For some it takes one to two weeks to heal and for others it takes more than one to two months. Your therapist can help you with these questions.

Can you feel sick after physical therapy?

Sometimes there may be a transient pain or nausea after the session which is not long lasting or deep. However, if the pain is severe then you must discuss it with your physical therapist. But remember that the main goal of physical therapy is to relieve your pain.

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